What is the web address where Chinese customers can purchase products?, going live early December 2016.

When will business open in China?
December 2016.

Is it a Direct Selling or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Opportunity?
No. This is not a Direct Selling or MLM model. It is cross-border e-commerce business, where customers have the opportunity to participate in its rewards program. The reason being, that Mannatech first needs to go through their 2 to 3 year process of establishing a relationship with the Chinese government.

At no time whatsoever, can we promote the China model as anything other than an e-commerce model.

How do Chinese customers purchase products?
In order for a first-time Chinese customer to purchase products on the Metai China website, the customer requires an invitation number. This invitation number allows that Chinese customer to register on the Metai China site and then buy Mannatech goods from the website. 

How do Chinese customers participate in the reward program?
The customers who registered on the site will have obtained their own invitation number. If they then provide their own invitation number to another first-time customer, a compelling reward is offered. 

What rewards are offered to Chinese customers?
There are two ways for customers in China to register: 
(Let's assume a fictional character called, Chen.)

1. Individual Customer
To register as an Individual Customer, Chen must have three things:
- A valid Chinese ID,
- a China based phone number, and
- an invitation number.

Chen then receives her own Invitation Number and can share it with her friends and family in China.

When Chen's friend enters the invitation number on the Metai China website, and makes his or her first-time purchase, Chen will receive a one-time reward valued at 10 percent of the total product order amount. (This applies only to the referring customer’s first purchase and does not include shipping and tax).

Chen's reward is like a 'coupon' that can be used for product purchases only. (Or think of it as a loyalty credit than can only be used for product purchases.)

2. Registered Chinese Business
To register as a Business, Chen must have four things:
- Valid Chinese business registration documents.
- A valid Chinese ID, and
- a China based phone number, and
- an invitation number.
These documents must be submitted and after review, account will be opened.
A registered Business will also get coupons, to the value of 10%, on all new customers referred to the Meitai China website, using their referral ID. 
The difference being, that a Registered Business will earn coupons for all purchases, not just first-time orders. (less taxes and shipping).
Also, these coupons can be used for product purchases or can be redeemed for cash.

Limitations applicable to Registered Chinese Business:
- The coupons expire after 6 months.
- Maximum value of any one order is 2,000RMB (USD300)
- Maximum value of annual purchases is 20,000RMB (USD3,000)

Can the Individual Customer or Registered Business earn rewards or commission from 'downline' sales and referrals?
No. This is not a Direct Selling or MLM model.


As a Mannatech business associate, outside China, how do I refer a new customer in China?
You will also need a Chinese Referral ID number.

How do I obtain a Chinese Referral ID?
Contact your country's regional office.

How will I earn commission on these referrals?
As with a 'Registered Business', discussed above, customers you refer in China will purchase through the Chinese E-commerce site using your referral ID.
10% of their purchases (excluding taxes and shipping) will be paid to you.

What limitations are applicable to my rewards?

Can I earn commission from 'downline' sales and referrals made by my new Chinese customers?

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