AO - Antioxidant

Dr. Steve Nugent PsyD, NMD has served as President of the International Association of Complementary Medicine, President Emeritus of the American Naturopathic Medical Association and is currently the Senior Wellness Director at Mannatech.

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Various ingredients are encapsulated in some Mannatech products. Many people have an incorrect understanding of what these are and if they are good or bad. If something is on the internet, it doesn't mean it is true, and it doesn't mean it is scientifically validated.

Dr. Nugent demystifies the 'bogus' information put out on the internet and presents the real science.

E.g. Brown Rice Flower found in Ambrotose Complex capsules and in Sport capsules.

E.g. Magnesium Stearate found in BounceBack, CardioBalance, Plus, Sport, MannaCleanse, OSP, PhytoMatrix

...and more.